SDGs and the UN Human Rights Mechanisms

This section includes illustrations of linkage between the SDGs and human rights using a tool provided by the Danish Institute for Human Rights.

The SDG-Human Rights Data Explorer created by the Danish Institute for Human Rights links the recommendations of the UN Treaty Bodies, the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) and the Special Procedure under the UN Human Rights Council to the 169 SDG targets. 

Based on this tool, NKDB analysed all of the recommendations received by North Korea during the three UPR cycles and linked them to each of the respective 17 SDGs. 

SDGs through the UPR(Universal Periodic Review)

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      1st UPR Cycle

      2nd UPR Cycle

      3rd UPR Cycle

수용 - Supported
Recommending State
Intensify its efforts to promote economic development
Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Strengthen measures to reinvigorate the national economy, including allowing more people-to-people contact through engagement in economic and commercial activities, including tourism
Implement in an effective manner its Strategy for National Economic Development, and its Strategies for the Development of the Health Sector and for the Development of Education, for a better standard of living for its population
Publish the full text of human rights treaties that the Democratic People's Republic of Korea has ratified, translated into Korean, on the national network service ( Kwangmyong )
Introduce a law on freedom of information in accordance with international standards
주목 - Noted
Recommending State
Continue to strengthen economic, social and cultural development with full participation of the population in public and security affairs, boost socioeconomic development, industrialization and modernization, and achieve the Millennium Development Goals
Lao People's Democratic Republic
Ensure that high goals of economic development by 2012 contribute to bringing about a decisive turn in the promotion and protection of human rights
Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Strengthen its cooperation with the United Nations and its mechanisms on human rights and humanitarian matters with a view to building national capacities and improving the people's well-being
Work on overcoming the obstacles related to economic problems and the scarcity of resources through cooperation with the international community and the United Nations so as to ensure the promotion and protection of human rights

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