SDGs and the UN Human Rights Mechanisms

This section includes illustrations of linkage between the SDGs and human rights using a tool provided by the Danish Institute for Human Rights.

The SDG-Human Rights Data Explorer created by the Danish Institute for Human Rights links the recommendations of the UN Treaty Bodies, the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) and the Special Procedure under the UN Human Rights Council to the 169 SDG targets. 

Based on this tool, NKDB analysed all of the recommendations received by North Korea during the three UPR cycles and linked them to each of the respective 17 SDGs. 

SDGs through the UPR(Universal Periodic Review)

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SDG 11

      1st UPR Cycle

      2nd UPR Cycle

      3rd UPR Cycle

Recommending State
Promulgate more laws and regulations on economic, social and cultural rights, to improve the legal framework concerning the exercise of human rights
Take measures to ensure international humanitarian aid reaches the most vulnerable and needy
Work closely with humanitarian agencies to ensure their free and unimpeded access to all populations in need and that humanitarian aid is distributed transparently and reaches the most vulnerable citizens
New Zealand
Secure unlimited access and entirely satisfactory monitoring conditions for humanitarian organisations
Continue its cooperation and dialogue with the relevant international organisations with the aim to address the socio-economic needs of its people
Ensure women an equal treatment with respect to men, especially with regard to the rights to food, education and work
Further develop measures to generate better conditions for the activities of organizations on the rights of women
Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)
Provide more convenient living conditions to children without parents
South Sudan
Continue its efforts to fulfil the economic, social and cultural rights of all
Ensure equal access to social and economic rights for all citizens\
The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
Pay greater attention to the construction of sanitation facilities and housing constructions in rural areas
Continue the efforts to ensure the right to adequate housing by continuing to implement plans for the construction and renovation of houses which are provided to the people free of charge
Syrian Arab Republic
Increase access to food, healthcare, education, and adequate housing, throughout the country
Take further measures to improve access to basic health care, nutrition and education of children
Continue to take measures for the sustainable economic, social and cultural development in the rural areas
Continue to promote economic, social and culture development to provide better conditions for the enjoyment of all rights by its people
Intensify its efforts to promote economic development
Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Strengthen measures to reinvigorate the national economy, including allowing more people-to-people contact through engagement in economic and commercial activities, including tourism
Share with others the country's experiences in disaster risk management
Grant access to the United Nations and other international humanitarian agencies to provide assistance to the most vulnerable groups
Grant immediate, free and unimpeded access to international humanitarian organizations to provide assistance to the most vulnerable groups, including prisoners
Secure unlimited humanitarian access to all provinces of the country
Consider seeking technical cooperation and capacity-building support from the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and other international bodies in the process of implementing the law on the protection of the rights of the child
Continue efforts for the protection and promotion of human rights in line with international human rights norms and standards
Scale up its efforts in the promotion and protection of the rights of vulnerable groups in society
Take further measures to ensure that all citizens enjoy their civil, cultural, economic and social rights
Strengthen its efforts to overcome the challenges that negatively impact the promotion and protection of human rights and to provide adequate conditions favorable to the enjoyment of human rights in accordance with international standards
State of Palestine
Implement in an effective manner its Strategy for National Economic Development, and its Strategies for the Development of the Health Sector and for the Development of Education, for a better standard of living for its population
Continue efforts for the implementation of the Five-Year Strategy for National Economic Development (2016-2020)
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Take continued innovative measures to reduce the gaps between urban and rural areas in every possible aspect
Maintain the design of action to guarantee the well-being of its population, in particular children, women, older persons and persons with disabilities, in its economic and social development plans
Develop a strategy to protect persons with special needs and ensure that they enjoy their full rights
Expand the measures designed to uplift the well-being of women, children, persons with disabilities and elderly people
Continue to promote sustainable economic and social development in order to provide a solid basis for its people to better enjoy all human rights
Ensure that a human rights-based approach is incorporated into the implementation of the Law on Disaster Prevention, Relief and Recovery and the Law on Environmental Protection
Increase people's access to food, health care, education and adequate housing throughout the country
Enhance measures to ensure the availability and accessibility of essential services for all and the enjoyment of rights by women, children and persons with disabilities
Strengthen measures to address the gaps in the promotion and protection of the rights of women and children
Make further efforts for the protection of persons with disabilities
Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Further protect the rights of persons with disabilities, including its participation in the review by the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
Republic of Korea
Seek to improve those housing facilities and public transport that are not accessible to persons with disabilities, with the aim of making them as much as possible for independent living and full participation in all aspects of life
Adopt more measures to allow persons with disabilities to participate more widely in society, such as eliminating physical barriers in public spaces and increasing awareness-raising campaigns to remove stigma about persons with disabilities
Recommending State
Review its legal and administrative measures with a view to ensuring the dignity and better living conditions of the vulnerable groups, including women and children
Continue its efforts in ensuring economic and social rights
Viet Nam
Continue its cooperation with the international community in solving humanitarian issues of mutual concern
Viet Nam
Continue to promote and protect economic, social and cultural rights of its people, with greater emphasis on economic development
Sri Lanka
Continue giving priority to vulnerable groups in the distribution of international assistance
In line with previous recommendations made by the Committee on the Rights of the Child, make every effort to reinforce protection of the right to life and development of all children
Enhance protection of rights of women and children, in particular those in the most vulnerable situations
Take the necessary steps to ensure impartial access to adequate food, drinking water and other basic necessities for all people within its jurisdiction, including vulnerable groups
Strengthen measures to facilitate access and effective distribution of international humanitarian aid to the people in need, with special attention to vulnerable groups
Intensify its efforts to promote and protect the human rights of specific groups within society, such as women, children, disabled persons and the elderly, with a view to empowering them and alleviating their vulnerability
Ensure that high goals of economic development by 2012 contribute to bringing about a decisive turn in the promotion and protection of human rights
Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Continue engaging members of the international donor community in capacity-building in the field of economic and social rights
Strengthen its cooperation with the United Nations and its mechanisms on human rights and humanitarian matters with a view to building national capacities and improving the people's well-being
Work on overcoming the obstacles related to economic problems and the scarcity of resources through cooperation with the international community and the United Nations so as to ensure the promotion and protection of human rights
Continue to cooperate with the United Nations, other international organizations and the world community to settle all the humanitarian issues
Lao People's Democratic Republic
Allow humanitarian assistance providers operating in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea unrestricted and independent movement throughout the country, as well as direct and unimpeded access to all populations in need
United States of America
Implement reforms recommended by United Nations special mechanisms
Put an end to practices of segregation and exclusion in providing care services to persons with disabilities
Costa Rica

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